Denied My Proposal to Zarel: Why we Need Skype Emoticons on Showdown!

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Why do we need Skype emoticons, you ask? Well, Zarel, we need Skype emoticons to accurately express our feelings. For example, (sun) would accomplish much more than any ":D" could ever hope to! Our regular emoticons aren't cutting it, and I'd like more!

  • (inlove)
  • (sun)
  • (puke)
  • (cry)
  • (kiss)
  • (makeup)
  • (cool)
  • (party)
I'd try and present my idea to Zarel with a powerful voice in mind, and try and convince him through silly means. I'd have images attached to each emoticon, and would have a paragraph for each explaining why that one specifically deserves to be added.

Thanks n_n!


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I have concerns with you as an author as opposed to the article (which was from the ideas thread iirc so no issues there). You currently have two entertainment articles in The Kiln, and neither of them are that entertaining/funny for my tastes. It may well be that other people find the style good, in which case disregard this however I don't know what the quality of the end result here would end up as.

I would want to see a preview of one or two paragraphs before supporting this, anyone else is free to veto though.


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It's not that I don't think your other articles aren't funny, but since you already have a couple going, I'd like to get a new perspective on humor for this and any other satire articles queued.

Thanks for your eagerness, though!
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